Hi, I am Čedomir,

I "translate" web designs into web sites!

You got it. I am a Front-end developer.

Get to know me better!?

About me

I am Čedomir Ivanović, junior front-end developer from Belgrade, Serbia. I am 32 years old, and I am currently employed by 2 companies from Belgrade ( NbgTeam and Global Webmasters), that work in the field of Web Development. For both of them, I am working remotely (outsourcing), and I am always open to new job suggestions and developing my skills and knowledge! I started working as a Front-end developer in 2017, and since then I worked on many various projects (which you will see if you scroll down a few times) and I developed my skills (also a few scrolls down) to a good level, but I know it is only a beginning of my journey.

My Education

ITAcademy | Web Design

2017 - 2018

This 1-year course gave me starting knowledge in the field of web design. There I was, for the first time, introduced in HTML5, CSS3, JS, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Animate CC, Dreamweaver, Brackets... I took that knowledge as my starting point as best as I could and built upon it as much as I could since I finished this course.


2017 - Until the end of time

This free service provided me with endless sources of knowledge that I am enjoying every day. YouTube introduced me to some of the greatest "professors" in the field of web development, like Brad Traversy, The Net Ninja, Adam Khoury, Brad Hussey, and many others.


2017 - Same as YouTube

Best video tutorials platform ever! I am glad it is not free, because as I would like to make for my living from Web-Development, I would also like the people that taught me coding to be credited and rewarded for their great knowledge that they are sharing with the world. They helped me learn Bootstrap, JS, PHP and they are still helping...

Stack Overflow, Code pen

2017 - 2117

Communication is the key to solving any problem. I don't care if this sounds rude, but I am glad to see other people having the same issues coding, as I do. But I am delighted to see other's willingness to help us be better in what we do, and thanks to these great platforms I am getting better every day! I am sure I will one day be able to start helping others on these platforms.

My skills